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At AK Consulting, Twin Cities IT Consultant we understand small business and the entrepreneurial mindset that gets you going. We know what it feels like to be totally onboard with the idea of skillfully serving clients, and then to get stuck and frustrated with some of the not-so-fun aspects of business. What we’ve learned is that you can find talented assistance for the business elements that are not your strengths—yes, all those things that weigh you down and get in your way.

That’s what AK Consulting can do for you when it comes your tech-related questions and problems. We’re your IT geeks and proud of it!

We all need a certain level of technology to run our businesses and grow into our longer-term goals. You want talented, personalized, IT expertise and experience—and that’s hard to find these days. We’ll ask the right questions to better understand your business, what your current needs are and what you’ll need in the future.

You want to serve your clients brilliantly and, with our help, you can do that with confidence. No more worries. We’re here when you need us. We help our clients design a roadmap for success with the appropriate tech support solutions. Most of our services are provided on a remote basis, and we can work with you on-site when needed.

We are based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, metro area and remotely serve clients in many states. We also serve on-the-go business owners who find themselves traveling to multiple locations and wanting to feel confident that their IT support tech is still available to them as needed. There’s nothing worse than being out of state when tech problems arise and having no help in sight. TCIT

Whether you’re concerned with passwords or software, redundancy or storage, Tony Knowlton, founder of AK Consulting, has solutions that will work for you. Naturally, you want to prevent anything catastrophic, and you also want confidence in your everyday work processes. He can help you identify affordable options, pros and cons. It’s all about making life—and business—easier and more enjoyable.

Give Tony a call to discuss your business challenges, and we’ll gladly provide some advice on how to easily achieve your goals without the typical IT worries. Dial 612.408.5315 for a friendly conversation and some encouraging IT expectations. Thank You Twin Cities IT Consultant

Your Omaha Family Doctor

Direct Primary Care is a practice model that provides quality health care while reducing costs. The individual or family pays a low monthly fee that covers office visits and annual exams at no additional cost. Uninsured patients and patients with high deductible plans benefit the most from direct primary care.

We deliver comprehensive primary care services through a simple and affordable low fixed monthly fee. No co-pay. No deductible. No prior authorizations. No insurance required. Clinic services covered under the membership pricing is straightforward and transparent with no hidden costs or invoices, making health care affordable and accessible.

Omaha Family Doctor

Marvel at Minnesota’s plush, green grass with our consistent, trusted standards of mowing, trimming and cleanup. Add water and sunshine, and you’re good to go! Summers are beautiful, and we enjoy contributing to that pleasant view. Roseville Lawn Care

We do a thorough cleanup in spring and then perform weekly mowing and trimming to provide a consistent setting and curb appeal. We have the best results when mowing to a height of 2.5 inches– 3 inches. At this height, the grass doesn’t dry out so quickly in periods of no rain, and if cut too short, it seems to allow more weeds. In general, you’ll simply have much healthier grass at these levels.

Bi-Lingual Website

Bi-Lingual Websites

Professional Spanish / English Website Content

Consider adding professionally written Spanish Website Content – Created my Native Speakers, and proofed by Professional US based, English / Spanish speaking content to your professional business website. Created by and Internet Consultants

Professional Business Content Writer Russel Resources – Gloria Russell – and award winning her Bi-Lingual Website Content Team

looks forward to Meeting You. Contact The TeamClick Here

Writer MN


Sitios web de inglés como segundo idioma.  www.Writer.Mn
Prepare un sitio web profesional que sea cómodo y atractivo para aquellos que hablan o simplemente prefieren el idioma español.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener un presupuesto gratuito hoy!

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ESL in Business

Small restaurants need to show Live Seating Availability / Reservations – but can’t or do not want to modify their website.

This Inexpensive Mobile Website allows customers to find their perfect Dinner option, reserve their table – and Enjoy!

Click Here – to see how simple. Call 402-968-0821 and Leave a Message

OddDiet is a simple way to experience the natural healthy and satisfying effects of Fasting an autophagy. Basically you need to find out what today’s date is. Is it an Odd or an Even Number? If it is Even, East normally – if it is Odd – Fast – that is where the name comes from Odd Diet – says, if the Date is Odd, do not eat, soon the date will be even, then eat! Not for very young, very old or very ill persons. If you are over 21 and healthy, in America you are going to last 24 hours without food – Visit the Resources section of Odd Diet for some wonderful life changing videos, and consider Joining the OddDiet Community to share with others. Learn about the Popular New Fasting Diet – Odd Diet – ( Click Here )