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A website is of zero value, unless it can be found by the folks that you want to find it. Those folks will search the internet using certain words that best describe their current need. The way to win the Google game is to guess what exact words they plan to use to search for a solution for their need. This is called keyword research. This is fun and frustrating at the same time.

One of the most useful tools from google, is Google Trends: Click Here to get a clear picture of the frequency that a term is searched: Enter it your critical search word here: notice the difference in small variations, like the plural vs the singular versions of important search words, and the difference between 1 2, 3 or 4 words (sometimes called “Long Tail” search words)

For instance, if you have the finest banana nut muffin ever tasted by a human, and you want to use the internet to sell Banana Nut Muffin Recipes for 25 cents each.

That is a good starting point for this discussion:

Lets Say you want to focus on the word: BANANA, in which case you are going to be competing with Chiquita banana company and they probably have a bigger ad budget than you.

If you want to focus om the Search Phrase: BANANA NUT MUFFIN – same thing, you are going to be competing with Hostess and Sarah Lee.

However, if you focus on the Keyword Phase BANANA NUT MUFFIN RECIPE or OMAHA BANANA NUT MUFFIN RECIPE you are probably not going to get as many searches, BUT you have a chance to get the lions share of that much smaller pool of searches. This is the strategy part of the Keyword Research / Planning part of the project.

In each case, test a number of search word combinations by entering it here.

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