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Build Your Own Small Website

Many times, a Webmaster Coach – that can get you over an insolvable hurdle for your DIY Website quickly and cheaply. Be it Wix, Weebly or SquareSpace can be a simple 40 min session approx $50 with your “Elf on the Shoulder” webmaster at SmallWebsite

During the last year we were asked to retrieve a dozen websites that began with SquareSpace and were never completed. In several of these cases the website was a started by someone that left the company, or for some reason abandoned the project – we were asked to help. In each case the website was redesigned on a Word Press or Joomla platform. Training and support solved the problems, and in each case the organization is happy and successful with their new beautiful website.

Using our corporate Zoom.us license, we will schedule time to connect to you, face to face – connect to your computer and look exactly at the problem that is causing your grief.

We can a: solve it real time at that exact moment, b: explain the problem to you so you can research the problem or c: quote you a Small Website so you can simply move on!

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