On 5 separate occasions in 2018 we were contacted by a business that began a business website using Square Space as a platform. After many hours they had created a website, with a lot of inspired content, but they just could not finish it in a manner that they felt they needed for their business. After some discussion we moved one client to a Joomla Platform, and 4 to a Word Press Platform. We brought in special Graphics as well as inspired written content from UXtf members www.Writer.Mn. With crazy fast hosting and holistic SEO, all 5  are very happy and successful today.

Personally I think Square Space is the best of the WIX, Hibu and Weebly options for Do it Yourself websites. Much better in many ways, but it still requires precious time and energy from a Business Owner.

Here is the issue: You either have a business, or a ypo have a hobby. If you have time to invest in a DIY Website, you have a hobby. If you have a business, you do not have time to invest in a Do it Yourself (DIY) website, and you should give us a call at 866-WEBisSimple – (1-866-932-4774 +1402-968-0821) or Contact Us at Info@SmallWebsite.us  As a business owner, your time is critically important, and extremely valuable. No one can do what you do! Your business success is 100% dependent on you. Your business exists to make money. Take a small amount of that money, and have a professional build you a website.

If you have a Hobby, play with a DIY website. If you have a Business, get a SmallWebsite and get back tou running your business.

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